Welcome to the Deagel Forum blog

In October 2014 a curious website came to my attention via a youtube video posted by a user who went under the name ‘Professor Doom’.  Unfortunately this guy is no longer active, and his channel and videos have been scrubbed.

This all came to light following the death of the writer Tom Clancy in 2013 of a undisclosed illness. He had suffered from heart problems in the past and his friend, and fellow author, John Gresham said that he suspected this to be the cause.

Clancy was very concise with his military facts when writing, and referenced Deagel.com on a regular basis.

Following the release of the video by Professor Doom, the Deagel.com website posted a disclaimer on their homepage stating that they had been hacked…..quite a hack I’d say ! This announcement disappeared shortly after someone pointed out that they had been posting their forecasts for a number of years (since 2008), and was replaced by this message.

 For those who might be concerned.

The countries forecast has been out there for over a decade. It is updated annually using the latest available information and is provided AS IS. Obviously, at this point, predicts a Western collapse.

This website is not and has never been linked to any government. It is the result of private individuals using their spare time.

Many pundits immediately linked them to a certain 3-letter agency in the USA, but, after identifying the person I believe is behind the website, I can find no evidence of such a connection. Certainly, they are very well connected, and operated in an area where sensitive information would be available.

This is text of the email I received from the person I believe is behind Deagel.

 I received the email you sent to my personal address, your friend request
on Facebook, and your LinkedIn follow request. I do not know you but in a
good faith gesture I am going to answer your question.

I have no relationship with the website you mentioned in your email; I’ve
never heard of the domain until your email. After reading some of the
conversations on the web it’s clear that my name has been erroneously
associated with this simply because someone made a spelling error when
doing a domain look up. From there people have apparently made a series of
incorrect assumptions based on the misspelling until others corrected
their misconceptions.

At this point I’m respecting your privacy and I expect you to do the same.
Please do not contact me again or post any of my personal information on
the internet.

It would serve no useful purpose to reveal their identity.

The Deagel website actually had a forum, but this proved to be next to useless. Any attempts to make contact with them proved fruitless. At this point I decided to create a Facebook page called (ingeniously) ‘The Deagel Forum’ ! After four years this has amassed so much information that I decided to create this blog to make it more accessible. Please bear with me, it’s going to take some time.



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