The case of Hollie Greig

In 2010 I viewed a video presentation by Robert Green. He had taken up the case of Hollie Greig and her mother. The matter has never been satisfactorily resolved, and still simmers in the background.

In the early days a Facebook page for Hollie accumulated nearly 3000 followers from around the world before it was closed down by Facebook.

A question on the matter was raised in the House of Commons by Dave Anderson MP, it can be found on Hansard.

22 Mar 2012 : Column 841W

Hollie Greig

Mr Anderson: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice what recent assessment he has made of the case of Hollie Greig; and if he will make a statement. [99305]

Mr Djanogly: As this case is the subject of ongoing court proceedings, I am prevented by Section 12 of the Administration of Justice Act 1960 from making any comment.

The court proceedings he refers to were being held in the secret family court, I obtained the reference number via a freedom of information request (FOI-85835) made to the Justice department.

The Court of Protection reference is 11958421 and the Family Division reference is FD10P01040.

Further requests for information on the case were declined. Hollie’s mother Ann made a public statement withdrawing from the campaign for justice for her daughter. This change of attitude surprised many of her supporters.

Every politician knew about the case, and especially those in No. 10. Following Andy Coulson’s much publicized problems that led to him stepping down, then Prime Minister David Cameron employed Craig Oliver as his new director of communications. Oliver’s father is Ian Oliver who was Chief Constable of Grampian Police before resigning from the force under a cloud. He was in charge when Hollie first made her complaint to Grampian police.

In 2010,  Robert Green put himself up as a candidate in the general election for the Aberdeen South seat, which was Hollie’s constituency at the time of the offences. UKIP Scotland withdrew their candidate and offered him support. They reported on the matter on their website on a number of occasions. Not longer after the election UKIP Scotland was disbanded and amalgamated with the rest of the UK. Following this their website was taken down. Rather interestingly, no web pages for it can be found on the internet archive. Having worked in IT for a number of years I had the sense to make hard copies of the information.

During the hustings Robert was walking from his lodgings in Aberdeen to hand out leaflets in the city center. Before he could get there he was arrested for a ‘breach of the peace’. He was incarcerated over the weekend, during which his house in Cheshire was raided by Greater Manchester Police, all his documentation on the Hollie case was confiscated. In court the following week he was bound over and banished from the Aberdeen area. To this day he remains the only person to ever be banned from  campaigning in a British election.

The silence from the mainstream media was deafening. What surprised me the most was that not even the most maverick politician would speak out. George Galloway was easily the most out-spoken of the day, and even discussed Hollie’s case on his radio chat show, but not a peep out of him. I wrote to other MPs who I thought might take up the matter, but got the usual ‘you are not my constituent blah blah blah’.

I did get a comment from Nigel Farage, who referred me to Christopher Monkton, who I know knew Robert Green, and had commented on Robert’s blog on occasion (along with Julian Assange). I tried to contact Monkton, but he did not respond. He turned up later in Australia acting as some sort of roving climate change mouthpiece.

For the record, here is a video of my conversation with Farage, sorry Nigel, it was a bit naughty of me. Don’t worry, Youtube has suppressed the viewing figures so it’s not going to appear on any popularity tables.

Only 1100+ views in four years……….really ?

I had been to see his speaking tour, and bought his book ‘Flying High’. I got him to sign it to Hollie and Robert. I then sent it to Robert in prison, yes, they banged him up for twelve months for persisting with his hunt for justice.

I hope one day that all this comes out into the open, but won’t hold my breath.

My question at the end of all this is, what is it that keeps everyone so silent. It can’t be blackmail, maybe there is something unconnected that could be exposed.

I think that thing has to do with climate change,


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